Dai Hoc Nha Trang

So I have been rather delinquent in taking pictures of my new home, so I went on a picture taking mission this morning to provide some visual record of my new home. Here we have the beach (its a rough life, I know)

Nha Trang Beach

Nha Trang Beach

The University Used to be an old convent which was taken over by the communist party and converted into a fisheries university (the name was only changed to the University of Nha Trang two years ago), but much of the old religious symbols remain, although most of the crosses were covered with a star.

One of the classrooms in the University. The facilites here make me really appreciate how many resources we had in Univerity (for example, paper was not a highly prized commodity).

My Vietnamese (read somewhat unreliable and often slow) Internet connection is having some difficulty uploading the remaining photos, so I will save those for another post.


One response to “Dai Hoc Nha Trang

  1. religious is tu viện; classroom is phòng học
    i look forward in the next entry

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